How much costs

Pornhublive Reviews – Costs & How it Works

Today we’re diving into our experiences using the super popular pornhublive webcams service. However, you are in for a big surprise in our review of this xxx cam site. While it’s a popular and safe service to see nude cam girls on your mobile phone or desktop for one on one live sex shows; the platform you use to interact with the performers is actually completely separate from That is right, it’s a trick of technology how these models and the shows appear to be broadcast via pornhub live when their all routed through an entirely different platform. Read on for complete details, our FAQ about and why you should first register at the source of the cam girls shows. Review / FAQ

How much costs
Cost and Frequently asked questions about pornhub live cams. Costs

So you are probably first curious to learn about pornhublive prices. The costs for shows at pornhublive is actually not set by either, nor is it determined by the streamate cam girls chat platform. No, in fact cam girls are independent contractors and they use cam sites are merely intermediaries and to avoid cam sites having to pay employment taxes and shift this burden to the cam boys and cam girls the models have to set their own rates. That said, once you register each cam girls price per minute for mobile sex cams shows is written in bold text. Unless you intentionally go private using the GO PRIVATE big bold button you are in the free area and this area is where you can also chat. The GO PRIVATE function is intended to be the explicit area. That said lots of guys get their fill in private free adult cams chat and never go private. All things considering, if you are gentleman you should at least tip. You can do so by sending gold. Each gold is denoted as $1.00 USD. This makes it simple. Alternatively you can select go private and the per minute rate shown will be discreetly billed to your card on file and that is simply rounded to the nearest second. It’s all easy to understand, simple to use, and pretty stupid-proof. That said, you can check your profile after the show and see the total.

Example of a pornhub live cams show costs : Say you spent 5 minutes in a premium fully nude masturbation show with a pornstar and she charges $3.00 per minute. Then the total cost would be $15.00. Across the platform the average ticket prices (expense per sessions is $7.53 seven dollars and fifty-three cents). So we’re not talking big dollars. That said you can spend as much as you like just make sure you can afford it. If you can’t afford premium sessions you can participate in free adult video chat or buy into flat rate gold shows for anywhere between $3 three dollars to $5 five dollars and these typically last 5 to 10 minutes and are fully live and two way chat happens as the models perform live sex acts on cam; these streaming onto you mobile phone and the mobile interface keeps the view on the model and the text area to converse as he or she does their shows.

Screenshot of pornhub cam girls shows : live live

Just remember to register not at Pornhublive but instead at the true underlining platform which is You can use the same username and password for pornhublive to access webcams at pornhublive or any other cam site using this underlining platform.

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Since the real platform powering pornhublive cams is streamate we instead refer people back to the main platform to register their. It’s clearly makes the most sense to go to the source without just registering at pornhublive. Besides once you have a free lifetime adult webcams membership via streamate you can use the same login and password credentials to view adult webcams shows at all the top cam sites using Streamate integrations. Sites like Redtube, Twistys and literally thousands of others you will begin to quickly realize are nothing more than a new logo or skin over the top of a You can also read our streamate adult cam site reviews to see what more their is to learn about the depth of this cam girls streaming service.


Pornhublive is again just an intermediary adult entertainment site with loads of traffic because its a huge free porn tube. To make money they’ve merely integrated webcams for adults. It’s that simple but in no way are you using a pornhublive service when you use adult cam chat on or the live cams section of pornhub.


So here again is the video explaining how live cam shows work on pornhub. We’ve tried to keep it super simply and focus on what the value is (what you get) and for how much of your hard earned money. At the end of the day users return to sites they feel they get value from and so we’ll leave it up to you the reader to decide that but in our view the platform that provides the xxx webcams shows is where the value is and that is why we remind readers to register at Streamate even if they intend to use the webcams shows on pornhub. Also in case you were curious these are some of the most popular cam girls at pornhub/live aka

  • Brielle_Bentley
  • NatallieLynn
  • Layla_Rees
  • MelodyWylde
  • SweetxMelody
  • DanniDavis
  • OliviaYoung
  • DannyVix
  • Rhiannoinlive
  • Melanie_Taylor
  • DeepThroat_Girl
  • Sophiee_Ann
  • IvyRachel
  • QueenKarma
  • beautyjo

So it’s very simple, to give it a try you can just claim the lifetime membership at Streamate platform

best mobile cam site 2019

xxx cams prices

Prices / Cost of Mobile Sex Cams

So price matters regardless of whether your using a mobile centered adult webcams chat site or not and since the flow varies site-by-site from smart phones, we suggest you also take a deeper look into the honest prices of adult webcam sites. We started using sex cams sites more than 17 years ago and during that time much has changed but the truth is the prices of streaming sites for adults is still around the same and it’s always set by the cam girls and cam boys. This is because cam sites don’t want to be stuck on the hook for paying taxes for internet models. Regardless of the reasons why we think this list of sex cam site prices will be the first time most people have gotten the facts about costs of all the top cam girls sites at one place.

Real Costs of All the Different Adult Webcam Sites

Streamate Prices :

Only cam site where two way 1-on-1 chat is truly no cost, but of course models only perform true shows when you enter their rooms. All marked in US dollar. Each model sets their own rate. Its automatically debited from a card. The transparency and convenience makes this a favorite for regular users!


When we first set out to compare the prices for mobile sex chat on cam we had to start with you favorite site and model; MistyGates. One of the top Streamate cam girls and a front page model nearly every time we check she doesn’t set the the lowest prices. Just so we mention that as a caveat the new cam girls will be the best to compare prices of sex cams among the different xxx cam sites. However, we wanted to price check one of the best and that we did. Our nut-busting fun from our phone at Streamate was about the cost of a grand slam breakfast at Dennys but that was per minute ($4.00). That said, she serves up the sex over easy with a couple really nice sides of ham!

sex chat costs
We shared our costs using Streamate above, but the performers are really worth the level of talent and skill and some really do provide a lot more than others

LiveJasmin Prices :

  • $33.99 for 27.99 credits
  • $75.99 for 67.99 credits
  • $106.99 for 97.99 credits
  • $169.99 for 157.99 credits

Example Model Price was Emmelyne whose show ran us about 3 dollars per minute

xxx cam show 3 dollars per minute
Emmelyne charges about the average rates for live sex shows but her classy room and attire made our experience feel more uptown than other cam sites. Classier orgasms, is that possible?


ImLive Prices :

1 Credit equals a buck so for 25 is 25 dollars and so on for the 50,75, or 100 packages. We started with a 10 dollar package and erotic_thrill was the cam girl we were lucky enough to check out. She did a full 1-on-1 masturbation show for us in private and we spent just $17.00.

imlive costs
Our show with erotic_thrill only burned through 3 tokens per minute but what in the hell is up with the freakin teddy bears. That is just creepy.


StripChat Prices :

  • $9.99 for 90 tokens
  • $19.99 for 200 tokens
  • $49.99 for 520 tokens
  • $99.99 for 1,085 tokens
  • $199.99 for 2255 tokens

Packages, Credit, Tokens : Compare the Costs for Cam Girl Shows


When we checked on prices of StripChat cam shows we also found only slight differences. Molly_Blanco was our test subject and she completely got her rocks off for us including a panties-on squirting show that got super messy. It was crazy, let me tell you; bottom line what a value at what came back to being just $2.79 per minute for this particular sexy cam girl.

Molly_Blanco made my investment of nearly $3.00 a minute feel like a total value for the entertainment I got.

BongaCams Prices :

Over at BongaCams we found things ran about average as far as prices for live sex on cam. Our willing cam girl goes by the name of AliseStrip and she looks like she was ripped from the cover of FHM. What a wildly sexy woman, but were still not sure if she was faking her orgasm or not. Whatever the case, no complaints as we blew our load for less than the cost of dominos and the stream was brilliant of our Google pixel. The exact price of a bongacams show with AliseStrip ended up being 3 smackers per minute.

The price of a bongacams show with AliseStrip were totally fair but the whole thing seemed a bit like an act. Say it ain’t so?
  • $2.99 for 17 tokens
  • $7.99 for 53 tokens
  • $19.99 for 137 tokens
  • $29.99 for 244 tokens
  • $49.99 for 432 tokens
  • $74.99 for 650 tokens
  • $499.99 for 4500 tokens
  • $990 for 8990 tokens


Flirt4free Prices :

So as far as Flirt4free it is sort of known as a more ritzy cam site and the xxx live shows tend to cost more. As it turns out we tested a show out at this video cam site with a model into female supremacy who goes by the name of heidicutie and she is into some pretty kinky shit; which we totally enjoyed :-). However, we blew our entertainment allowance faster than we blew something else; if you know what I mean. A tease in every sense of the word, not the best value but wow; heidicutie a superbly erotic adult entertainer. All in all we spent near 5 bucks per minute to talk dirty and see heidicutie drop her drawers and show us the goods. All our 200 tokens and a $20 package down the hatch!

cost fetish cams
4 dollar a minute was the cost of fetish cams with cost fetish cams. Pretty solid value imo.

Try Flirt4Free

Chaturbate Prices :

We never claimed this post was safe for work and Chaturbate certainly is NSFW whether on a smart phone or on a tablet and the most graphic show of all that we tested was from the legendary pornstar cam girl sexcarla. Okay so we tipped $3.00 total for this show coming in as the cheapest sex cams show ever for us, but the fact was there was zero interaction and probably 1200 dudes were screaming in emoticons at the same time.

Cum oozing from pussy
Maybe the cheapest sex cams show ever we found with sexcarla a porn cams legend at Chaturbate.

Didn’t bust a nut but did look on in amazement as she fisted her pussy with no abandon and white creamy stuff oozed. WTF did I watch and was it real; we will never know. 300 tokens later we found a cute cam girl for private at 6 tokens per minute which is not uncommon and had a truly engaging fun sex cam show.

  • $10.99 for 100 tokens
  • $20.99 for 200 tokens
  • $44.99 for 50 tokens
  • $79.99 for 1000 tokens
  • Monthly Subscription: $19.99 Per Month


CamSoda Prices :

We didn’t go into our show with freakyredbone expecting live butt sex but for a small investment of about 170 tokens of 12 dollars she made the toy vanish inside hole #2. Wow, that was easy was our first thought, but while she was anally open for business she was too shy to turn around for about 3 more minutes. That’s right ass sex instantly, face comes 90 seconds into the show; perhaps that is what is selling these days and we were not disappointed once she did turn around. A hell of a cam girl show with very reasonable prices for totally nude chat. CamSoda didn’t disappoint but freakyredbone drained our wallet allocation for the day before we really got to talk much costing us around $25.00 for the whole show. It’s important to note the prices are the same regardless of device; smart phone of desktop.

prices at CamSoda
Totally nude chat prices at CamSoda can rise quickly as the girls know how to draw you in and make you wait for the big reveal. They tend to wait to show key things knowing most viewers in private want to see these things.
  • $9.99 for 100 tokens
  • $19.99 for 210 tokens
  • $49.99 for 550 tokens
  • $99.99 for 1205 tokens
  • $249.99 for 3100



I was just wrapping of pool league one cold January night (and stuck in a horny jam at a friends place) when I accessed from my iphone x to check out the xxx cams prices here. I chose the cam girl named AliceStafford which was a perfect fit for me as I was in the mood for really kinky milf nude phone chat sessions. I wasn’t a bit disappoints and spent 200 tokens in all getting to see every square inch of this obedient nymph. She thanked me and shortly after I did the math determining the costs of my sex cams fun at was just over $24.00. Since I had budgeted $40.00 for this famous nude cams website I still had enough left over for a pepperoni pizza on my drive home.

 xxx cams prices
xxx cams prices at were right in line with other top mobile sex cam sites. The membership though is a complete waste of money.
  • $12 for 100 tokens
  • $20 for 185 tokens
  • $50 for 500 tokens
  • $100 for 1100 tokens
  • Three Month Membership: $41.97 Per Month
  • One Month Membership: $19.99 Per Month


livejasmin review

LiveJasmin Mobile Reviews

Tired of hidden charges, bad quality cameras and humdrum cam model girls strutting their stuff?

Get onto LIVEJASMIN right now!

Before this becomes an issue, let me come out clean, at approximate average of $2.80/min LiveJasmin is definitely a cheap adult cam site, but then it is said ‘good quality comes at a price’.

I am going to give you my honest feedback for LiveJasmin and leave it up to you to decide if it is for you or not. reviews
Chat Interface of LiveJasmin


  • HD cameras and tonnes of it. You will see every other model using latest technology and HD cameras making the whole experience of camming (or cumming?) extremely pleasurable.
  • Website has got a clean layout, good streaming support and you don’t have to be a geek to figure your way out.
  • Call the models in middle of the act via “flirt phone”, a great and unique feature, TBH.
  • Be spoilt for choice as you scan profiles of cam girls and dudes.
  • Not sure of membership plan? Tip models via Free chat and see them doing some serious naughty stuff.

best mobile cam site 2019

LIVEJASMIN – what can be improved?

  • Inspite of having a great website layout, they haven’t really worked onto the most basic feature of ‘filter’ making it little hard to sort through all the models.
  • Absence of price cap has given a few ‘celebrity cam models’ privilege of charging obscene amount to the viewers. It is annoying, af!

If you are a beginner or are tight on budget, I would suggest you visit IM Live or Chaturbate. LiveJasmin can be used for once in a month indulgence, unless of course they do something about their pricing.

However, in the same breath, I would admit every dollar I spent over, here, was worth it and I may revisit it really soon.

LIVEJASMIN Review : Mobile Speed Insights

Here is the report and test summary for the speed of adult chat and cam site.

11.7s was the fully loaded time which really impacts the total experience using LiveJasmin from a mobile or smart phone or tablet.

livejasmin cams reviews
LiveJasmin Mobile Load Time Test

LIVEJASMIN Mobile Sex Chat Editor Score

Based on the fact the site loads so quickly and the services offered are clearly explained to users and truly delivered on we feel that LiveJasmin ranks as the most secure and best overall live sex cam site for mobile users.

Also check out the search trends charts for LiveJasmin webcams site.

best mobile cam site 2019

stripchat reviews

StripChat Mobile Reviews

When it started out, StripChat was known adult webcam chat site Eastern European cam girls. It was simple, it was easy to use – so nothing really has changed, except for the fact that it now has cam performers from all over the world – Asia, America, Africa, Canada, even Australia. Whatever part of the world you like your models to come from, it’s pretty clear that this site has them all.

Not only female cam models, but this site has also added cam guys, transsexuals and couples… so, no matter which way you swing you will be entertained! And, we haven’t even told you the best part yet – no matter what time of the day, you will have at least 800+ active cam models putting up a show. Honestly, to have that huge database of cam models speaks a lot about the website.

best adult chat sites
Stripchat model live screenshot

You will find StripChat UI pretty regular, agreed, no great innovation there, however, it is slick and very user-friendly. The sort functionality helps you weed out non-HD cams leaving only HD or standard cams for more pleasurable experience.

best mobile cam site

Most of the models are seasoned and they know what they are doing! In fact you will be pleasantly surprised to see ‘eager’ cam models, who have no qualms to go extra mile for that token! The website also features ‘favorite model feature’ which helps you locate your adored model easily. To know which languages each model speaks, simple click on the flag icon of their introduction page. Find a detailed page giving you all the juicy tit-bits about the performer, so that you are well-informed of what to expect in each private show.

Pricing is a no –brainier too!

If you are looking for more kinky stuff, real action, you will need to cough up money. The 15-second preview doesn’t do any justice, and you will, anyway, be redirected to a payment screen after 15 seconds on a model’s page.

The pricing strategy for private chat and VIP chat differs, but to give you a rough idea expect to pay about $1 per minute.

STRIPCHAT Review : Mobile Speed Insights

Here is the report and test summary for the speed of adult chat and cam site. reviews
Stripchat Mobile Load Time Test

7.3s was the fully loaded time which really impacts the total experience using StripChat from a mobile or smart phone or tablet. Though compare to other sites it takes long time to load the page, as the home page contains more thumbnails of online models than others. Once the page is loaded fully it works fast to stream live video.

Also check out the search trends charts for StripChat webcams site.

best mobile cam site

playwithme review

PlayWithMe Reviews

When was the last time an adult webcam site lived up to its name?

Well, does!

Recipient of several awards, PlayWithMe gives what it promises – free unadulterated cam fun!

When you first visit the website, you will be taken aback with its very basic features and layout, but what it lacks in technology the site makes it up with its database. Having close to thousand cam models online at once is no joke! Ebony, white, chubby, gay, straight, lesbian think of any type or any kink you will surely find someone who fits the bill. reviews
Descriptive Bio For Model

Another noteworthy feature of PlayWithMe is each model has a detailed profile so you can view their photos, see reviews from fellow cam customers and get to know them before you invest yourself. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you will find impressive amount of models online at any time of the day.

One of the most fantastic features of this adult cam site is the ability to skip any model that is not your ‘type’. Use their ‘Auto Cycle’ feature to go through multiple chat rooms every few seconds or minutes depending on your filters. Traverse through dozens of group chats until you find someone worthy or you are bored – without paying a penny. Yes, why else do you think it is called – PlayWithMe?

best mobile cam site 2019

You will find most of their adult shows for free, but if you want to see some real dirty action we suggest you buy and use coins in the group and private chat rooms. As we write this, we find no hidden fees or sign up gimmick for PlayWithMe.

Being in adult cam industry since a decade has definitely given an edge to PlayWithMe over other cam sites, which are still struggling with teething issues even though they have best of technology or cams.

PLAYWITHME Review : Mobile Speed Insights

Here is the report and test summary for the speed of adult chat and cam site.

2.3s was the fully loaded time which really impacts the total experience using PlayWithMe from a mobile or smart phone or tablet.

best mobile cam site 2019
PlayWithMe Mobile Load Time Test

PLAYWITHME Mobile Sex Chat Editor Score

Based on the fact the site loads so quickly and the services offered are clearly explained to users and truly delivered on we feel that PlayWithMe ranks as the most secure and best overall live sex cam site for mobile users.

Also check out the search trends charts for PlayWithMe webcams site.

best mobile cam site 2019

streamate reviews

Streamate Reviews

As an adult site connoisseur, I am forever looking for avenues that would make me say – ah! I have found a perfect adult camsite! One that offers me variety and at the same time doesn’t cost me a bomb. is so close to my expectations that I can’t help but share this fantastic news with you.


Streamate is a standalone site, which according to Alexa analytics services the most heavily trafficked site globally in the adult category. This adult webcam site is also been recipient of several awards for quality, technology adaptation, and offering fantastic variety of sexy models to the hungry souls like mine!!

best cam models 2019
Chat interface of Streamate

Streamate Features

What sets Streamate apart from the other adults sites are its core features – no gimmick just straight forward features.

  • See, interact and choose from a huge base of gorgeous models as you traverse through the model image galleries and Model profile pages with details and information.
  • Sign up for model fan club (token required) to check out their private spy shows, special chat badges and recorded videos before you make a choice..
  • Enjoy explicit nudity, masturbation, oral, vaginal, anal, and group sex as you sign up for tip-based Free chats.
  • Get a chance to negotiate prices with the model in advance
  • Sign up for Spy Show if interaction bothers you. This show come at a comparatively lower price and have access to the public chat stream.
  • Gold members can enjoy Multi-View option to monitor several streams, anonymous tipping, and Private messaging with models.

best mobile cam site

Straightforward membership plans

Another reason why I am crazy fan of this adult webcam site is – you pay for what you see!

The chat costs varies from model to model. The ticket price and length of time of the show are both noted in advance and set by the host. Typically , a private show will cost you 12 to 120 tokens/min. There is also an option of costs to be set to 10, 25, 50, or 100 tokens in advance as a single ticket price.  

Doesn’t matter whether you use credit card or Paypal to make your purchase, your dealings will be safe and discreet.

STREAMATE Review : Mobile Speed Insights

Here is the report and test summary for the speed of adult chat and cam site.

2.8s was the fully loaded time which really impacts the total experience using Streamate from a mobile or smart phone or tablet. reviews
Streamate Mobile Load Time Test

Streamate Mobile Sex Chat Editor Score

Based on the fact the site loads so quickly and the services offered are clearly explained to users and truly delivered on we feel that Streamate ranks as the most secure and best overall live sex cam site for mobile users.

Also check out the search trends charts for Streamate webcams site.


best mobile cam site