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Pornhublive Reviews – Costs & How it Works

Today we’re diving into our experiences using the super popular pornhublive webcams service. However, you are in for a big surprise in our review of this xxx cam site. While it’s a popular and safe service to see nude cam girls on your mobile phone or desktop for one on one live sex shows; the platform you use to interact with the performers is actually completely separate from That is right, it’s a trick of technology how these models and the shows appear to be broadcast via pornhub live when their all routed through an entirely different platform. Read on for complete details, our FAQ about and why you should first register at the source of the cam girls shows. Review / FAQ

How much costs
Cost and Frequently asked questions about pornhub live cams. Costs

So you are probably first curious to learn about pornhublive prices. The costs for shows at pornhublive is actually not set by either, nor is it determined by the streamate cam girls chat platform. No, in fact cam girls are independent contractors and they use cam sites are merely intermediaries and to avoid cam sites having to pay employment taxes and shift this burden to the cam boys and cam girls the models have to set their own rates. That said, once you register each cam girls price per minute for mobile sex cams shows is written in bold text. Unless you intentionally go private using the GO PRIVATE big bold button you are in the free area and this area is where you can also chat. The GO PRIVATE function is intended to be the explicit area. That said lots of guys get their fill in private free adult cams chat and never go private. All things considering, if you are gentleman you should at least tip. You can do so by sending gold. Each gold is denoted as $1.00 USD. This makes it simple. Alternatively you can select go private and the per minute rate shown will be discreetly billed to your card on file and that is simply rounded to the nearest second. It’s all easy to understand, simple to use, and pretty stupid-proof. That said, you can check your profile after the show and see the total.

Example of a pornhub live cams show costs : Say you spent 5 minutes in a premium fully nude masturbation show with a pornstar and she charges $3.00 per minute. Then the total cost would be $15.00. Across the platform the average ticket prices (expense per sessions is $7.53 seven dollars and fifty-three cents). So we’re not talking big dollars. That said you can spend as much as you like just make sure you can afford it. If you can’t afford premium sessions you can participate in free adult video chat or buy into flat rate gold shows for anywhere between $3 three dollars to $5 five dollars and these typically last 5 to 10 minutes and are fully live and two way chat happens as the models perform live sex acts on cam; these streaming onto you mobile phone and the mobile interface keeps the view on the model and the text area to converse as he or she does their shows.

Screenshot of pornhub cam girls shows :Ā live live

Just remember to register not at Pornhublive but instead at the true underlining platform which is You can use the same username and password for pornhublive to access webcams at pornhublive or any other cam site using this underlining platform.

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Since the real platform powering pornhublive cams is streamate we instead refer people back to the main platform to register their. It’s clearly makes the most sense to go to the source without just registering at pornhublive. Besides once you have a free lifetime adult webcams membership via streamate you can use the same login and password credentials to view adult webcams shows at all the top cam sites using Streamate integrations. Sites like Redtube, Twistys and literally thousands of others you will begin to quickly realize are nothing more than a new logo or skin over the top of a You can also read our streamate adult cam site reviews to see what more their is to learn about the depth of this cam girls streaming service.


Pornhublive is again just an intermediary adult entertainment site with loads of traffic because its a huge free porn tube. To make money they’ve merely integrated webcams for adults. It’s that simple but in no way are you using a pornhublive service when you use adult cam chat on or the live cams section of pornhub.


So here again is the video explaining how live cam shows work on pornhub. We’ve tried to keep it super simply and focus on what the value is (what you get) and for how much of your hard earned money. At the end of the day users return to sites they feel they get value from and so we’ll leave it up to you the reader to decide that but in our view the platform that provides the xxx webcams shows is where the value is and that is why we remind readers to register at Streamate even if they intend to use the webcams shows on pornhub. Also in case you were curious these are some of the most popular cam girls at pornhub/live aka

  • Brielle_Bentley
  • NatallieLynn
  • Layla_Rees
  • MelodyWylde
  • SweetxMelody
  • DanniDavis
  • OliviaYoung
  • DannyVix
  • Rhiannoinlive
  • Melanie_Taylor
  • DeepThroat_Girl
  • Sophiee_Ann
  • IvyRachel
  • QueenKarma
  • beautyjo

So it’s very simple, to give it a try you can just claim the lifetime membership at Streamate platform

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